Gender-biased sex selection in Georgia

No. of pages: 76

Publication date: 2015

Author: UNFPA

This report proceeds from a growing concern about potential sex imbalances at birth in several East-Eu- opean countries, following the United Nations interagency statement of 2011 on gender-biased sex selection (OCHR et al. 2011) and the report prepared the same year for the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on prenatal sex selection in Southeast Europe and in the Caucasus. 
The PACE resolution included a call to public authorities and international agencies to mobilize around the fight against sex selection through systematic studies of existing evidence and policy responses (Council of Europe 2011). This report is the first sys-tematic study of Georgia and aims at providing an in-depth review of existing evidence on possible sex imbalances at birth. It draws on a variety of sources,ranging from existing socioeconomic and anthropological studies to recent statistical and qualitative evidence.