UNFPA celebrated the International Youth Day

15 August 2018

August 12 is the International Youth Day.

UNFPA’s Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem shared the statement on the occasion of the International Youth Day: “None of our ambitious global goals can be achieved without the meaningful participation of young people. They are our future. And—1.8 billion strong—they are our present. Yet young people, especially adolescent girls, face formidable challenges staying healthy, getting an education, and making their own decisions in life. Threats to their rights and well-being today jeopardize their potential to become engaged, productive citizens tomorrow. We have the power—and responsibility—to help every girl and boy make a safe and healthy transition through adolescence and adulthood. Every space should be a safe space for youth—the home, the classroom, the health centre, the tables where policies and peace agreements are penned.”

To celebrate the International Youth Day and enhance youth participation in the process of achieving gender equality, UNFPA Georgia CO organized various events in Marneuli Municipality. At the Marneuli public library, writer and the director of the national parliamentary library – Mr. Giorgi Kekelidze led an open discussion with young people on the topic of “why we need equality”.  In the second part Giorgi Gagoshidze (Gagosha), a Professional Street Artist along with local young people from Marneuli painted the equality wall at the Javakhishvili Park. Meanwhile, Dina Oganova’s documentary photo project “A Girl is born”, which features the families from Tbilisi, Kakheti Region and Marneuli, having daughters only – was exhibited in the park. The aim of the project is to raise public awareness on the importance of treating male and female children equally and providing them with equal opportunities.

Giorgi Gagoshidze (Gagosha), a Professional Street Artist.
Giorgi Gagoshidze (Gagosha), a Professional Street Artist.
Photo: UNFPA/Vladimer Valishvili

The International Youth Day event was part of the broader Communication and Advocacy campaign implemented by UNFPA CO, within the framework of the EU funded Global Programme, in Kvemo Kartli region of Georgia in cooperation with the Network for Civic Engagement (NCCE), Public Service Development Agency and Women’s Rooms at local Municipalities. The overall communication objective is to raise awareness of local population on son preference and gender-biased sex selection harmful practice and challenge existing gender stereotypes. The campaign is implemented in the framework of a three year EU Funded global programme (2017-2019) to Prevent Son Preferance and Undervaluing of Girls.